Partner Organizations

To implement our Bedtime in a Box program, we partner with existing education and healthcare infrastructure to distribute our Boxes to low-income families. Our Boxes can be integrated into existing programs that work with children and families, and they can also be used as a supplement to programs that enhance parent education and reinforce the importance of at-home learning. To date, we have partnered with organizations across the country such as such as childcare centers, home visiting programs, individual schools and school systems, family support organizations, healthcare providers and government agencies.

We suggest that partner organizations provide our Boxes to families free of charge. We utilize a cost-sharing model to reduce the cost of Boxes to organizations. Each Box is $100, however we work to reduce this cost by providing match funding of up to $45 per Box whenever possible. We ask that our partner organizations cover any remaining costs, including shipping. If your organization is having difficulty securing funding, our team can assist you in identifying additional grants or corporate sponsorships to cover the cost of our Boxes.