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About Us

Bedtime can be the most important time of day. A time for learning, sharing, relaxing and bonding. We believe all children, no matter where they lay their head, deserve the very best. Bedtime in a Box is improving bedtimes for thousands of children and their families.

Because all children deserve a better tomorrow.

Our Impact

We distributed our first box on December 14, 2015 and have quietly grown to serve over 600 families through our charity work. This year over 1000 families will use Bedtime in a Box in Baltimore City, as demand from childcare centers, schools, and other organizations continues to grow through the region. Our impact on nightly reading and quality sleep is helping to prepare more children for school and building a stronger bond between children and parents. 

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What's in a Box?

The contents of Bedtime in a Box are carefully chosen to enhance learning, comfort, and the health of your child. Creating a routine for going to bed is critical to a better night's sleep.  Items are provided around key components of a bedtime routine that include Bathing, Brushing Teeth, Changing into Pajamas, and Saying goodnight. We also include a routine log and helpful hints to help you and your child keep track of each step and make bedtime fun.  

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