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Our Mission & vision

Bedtime in a Box improves childhood learning & health for families, regardless of income.

We envision a healthy and educational bedtime for all.

Bedtime in a Box is a creative but simple solution that supports the health and educational development of children prior to entering school by providing families with the materials, tools, and training they need to enact a comprehensive bedtime routine, seven days a week.


Research shows that early introduction to oral language and vocabulary directly correlates to later success in school, and we chose each element of in our Boxes to increase regular and routine exposure to literacy.

how it works

To implement our Bedtime in a Box program, we partner with existing educational infrastructure and organizations such as elementary schools, Judy Centers, Head Start programs, hospitals and clinics, and government agencies to distribute our Boxes to low-income families.

Our Boxes can be integrated into existing structures or programs working with children and parents. They can also be used as a supplement to programs enhancing both parent education and reinforcing the importance of at-home learning. We’ve distributed Boxes at parent-child playgroups, to an entire classes of students in schools, during parent education sessions, and well child visits at hospitals or clinics. Programs may also use our Boxes as an incentive for participation or attendance.


Bedtime in a Box has been highly successful in improving early indicators of success for children. During our initial two years of work, we’ve seen families reading significantly more with their children each week. We’ve also seen the number of families implementing a consistent bedtime routine nearly double. This data represents a significant increase in oral language development and improvements in sleeping patters that support the development of healthy minds and bodies of children. By the end of the 2018-19 School Year, we will have delivered our 4,500th Box. 4,500 Boxes is $675,000 of resources including 22,500 books and 49,500 additional bedtime materials.