Our Boxes

Bedtime in a Box is a creative but simple solution that supports the health and educational development of children prior to entering school by providing families with the materials, tools, and training they need to enact a comprehensive bedtime routine, seven days a week.

Each Box contains four age-appropriate books; bath wash, a towel, and bath toys; a toothbrush and toothpaste; pajamas; a stuffed animal; an alarm clock; a Teach My Learning Kit; and a kid-friendly routine log.

Our Infant Box (Newborn to 18 months). Our Infant Box supports parents and caregivers in creating a routine for bedtime and focuses on comfort and learning. Books and materials are age-appropriate and support the earliest stages of learning.

Our Toddler Box (18 months to 3 years). Our Toddler Box provides additional books and academic materials to learn at bedtime and throughout the day.

Our Preschool Box (ages 3 to 4 years). As a child grows, the needs for learning change. By adding higher-level books and educational materials to our Preschool Box, we support this growth and continuous learning.

Our Kindergarten Box (ages 5 to 6 years). Entering school for the first time presents many challenges. Our Kindergarten Box provides the consistency of a routine while supporting the skills needed for school success.