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Our Impact

Bedtime in a Box helps families set the foundation for learning by creating routines that bring about healthy habits, strong connections and academic growth in young children. By giving parents/caregivers the tools to nurture their children with books and other learning activities, they become their child’s first teacher, help build a stronger bond and set them up for school success.

In our first year we supported 75 families. A year later that number grew to 532, and this year we are planning to support 1000 more families.

Bedtime in a Box has been highly successful in improving early indicators of success for children. During our initial year of work, we saw reading in the home increase from 30 minutes per week to 105 minutes per week. We also saw an improvement from 50% of families having a consistent bedtime routine to 94% over a six-month study period. This represents a significant increase in oral language development and improvements in sleeping patterns that support the development of healthy minds and bodies in children. We will continue to collect data on these indicators and others as we continue to support children and families as they prepare for school.


The proof is in the numbers

school involvement

We work closely with schools, early childhood programs and Head Start programs to reinforce the importance of reading and the nightly bedtime routine. The five books included in the box are selected to complement the instruction in the classroom and build the background knowledge and habits for children to excel in school.  

We have worked with over 15 schools and organizations and are adding additional partners as opportunities arise.