Sponsor A Child - Bedtime in a Box

We are launching an expanded program in conjunction with our GIVE team From Business Volunteers Maryland. Instead of providing just one box to a child to help create the Bedtime routine, we are seeking donations to provide monthly supplies over the course of one full year to sustain bedtime routines and learning in the home.

Each child will receive an initial Bedtime Box; 3 booster boxes containing new books, learning materials, and health supplies; as well as one book each month to build their home library.

A donation of $20 dollars a month, or $240 per year will support a child with over $400 worth of materials to support their learning and bedtime routines.

Today, we need your support. We have identified 15 children for a pilot program beginning this fall. A gift, no matter the size, will have a powerful impact on the life of a child!